An excerpt from Charles Reither’s book ‘From Religion to Spirituality’:

“Theosophy is simply a composite name given to the body of teachings that stem from the most ancient Indian (Vedas) and Tibetan esoteric teachings that are thousands of years old; and which establish and describe the highest concept of creation to which we give the name of God, for want of a better word; and our relationship to and understanding of that god. And, what we call the truth is simply the highest concept that we can have of the creative process that we human beings, limited by our consciousness, can accommodate at the stage of our spiritual development and evolutionary progress.”



An excerpt from the book The Teachings of Lao-Tzu – The Tao Te Ching / translated by Paul Carus / page 30 

‘The reason that can be reasoned is not the eternal Reason. The name that can be named is not the eternal Name.

The Unnameable is of heaven and earth the beginning. The Nameable becomes of the ten thousand things the mother.

Therefore it is said:

‘He who desireless is found,

The spiritual of the world will sound.

But he who by desire is bound,

Sees the mere shell of things around.’

These two things are the same in source but different in name.

Their sameness is called a mystery. Indeed, it is the mystery of mysteries.

It is the door of all spirituality.’


“Fohat is the intelligent medium of the divine mind. It is the dynamic energy of cosmic ideation and the guiding power of all manifestation.”

(Pg 20,  Reither. C, From Religion To Spirituality)


“A Spiritual Dimension is best described as an awareness, knowledge and understanding of the purpose and meaning of our lives which reaches beyond the perspective of our five physical senses and our personalities; and beyond orthodox religion.”

“The sole purpose of our existence is to identify with our immortal self instead of our personal self. When we identify with this sole purpose, then, meaning will be seen to underlie all happenings and events in our lives.”

(Pg. 23, Reither. C, From Religion To Spirituality)