“When two lovers come together

and two cells meet and merge

there’s a miniature big bang

and a universe begins.


It may seem so inconsequential –

two strangers seeking pleasure

a drunken fling or favour

a jaded housewife’s weekly chore


but really they’re two gods

creating a new reality

an awesome responsibility

a world to nurture and oversee.


Gases solidify and atoms collect

consciousness spreads through the radiant void

and slowly the universe takes form and shape

expanding and slowly settling.


Every universe is an experiment

a new web of planets and galaxies

weaving new patterns and possibilities

creating new laws of nature.


Every universe is an adventure

a voyage through uncharted time and space

tentative steps forward and trailblazing paths

colliding and intersecting.


And every universe is a mystery

filled with hidden fissures and tunnels

teeming with invisible energies

and infinite, dark potentials.


And almost as soon as the expansion slows

the slow movement of entropy begins

the connections weaken and the fragments spread

until the whole organism crumbles and collapses.


A slow decay or a giant crunch

and again the stillness of the void.”


PAGE 81 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor







How can we be separate

when we’re the same substance, body and soul,

collections of the same atoms

and channels of the same soul-force?


Let’s be like children

whose beings are too empty

to be filled with distinctions

too open to be closed off by prejudice

too fluid to be clogged up with concepts –

so whole and so connected that they don’t need

to build

a fortress of identity.


What is it that separates us?

Only the illusion of identity –

only the illusion of separateness.


PAGE 58 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor



“The world is reborn every moment

rising out of nothing like a miracle

newly created, fresh, unnamed,

gleaming with strange beauty.


A world without time, untouched by thought,

not yet carved or labeled

or neutered by concepts or categories –

just raw unfiltered is-ness.


It’s only our minds that make the world old

adding on our habits and memories

attaching our stale assumptions –

until time itself is tired

and each day sags with boredom.


But in the rebirth of the world, we’re reborn too –

every moment is a new beginning

an amnesty from the past

a chance to re-create ourselves

to shake ourselves free of limitations

and explore this bright new world.


PAGE 79 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor

[Picture: Maria-Luise Bodirsky sculpture ‘Metamorphose’]





Semen is latin

for a dormant, fertilised,

plant ovum-

a seed.

Men’s ejaculate

is chemically more akin

to plant pollen.


It is really

more accurate

to call it

mammal pollen.

To call it


is to thrust

an insanity

deep inside our culture:

that men plow women

and plant their seed

when, in fact,

what they are doing

is pollinating