Beginnings: What Have You Got To Loose?

‘Sometimes people avoid the beginnings because they want to avoid the endings. This is particularly true if we have negative associations with happiness. If we have had the carpet pulled out from under us at moments of great vulnerability, we may prefer to avoid life altogether. But what is life without beginnings? Sure it may lead to sorrow, but it also may lead to joy. We must begin again, time and again, if we are going to live a real life.’

Page 20 / Love It Forward / Jeff Brown



“The world is reborn every moment

rising out of nothing like a miracle

newly created, fresh, unnamed,

gleaming with strange beauty.


A world without time, untouched by thought,

not yet carved or labeled

or neutered by concepts or categories –

just raw unfiltered is-ness.


It’s only our minds that make the world old

adding on our habits and memories

attaching our stale assumptions –

until time itself is tired

and each day sags with boredom.


But in the rebirth of the world, we’re reborn too –

every moment is a new beginning

an amnesty from the past

a chance to re-create ourselves

to shake ourselves free of limitations

and explore this bright new world.


PAGE 79 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor

[Picture: Maria-Luise Bodirsky sculpture ‘Metamorphose’]