‘She had already seen many rings in the Tradition of the Moon – of every colour, metal and carved – always in the form of the serpent, the symbol of wisdom. But never had she seen one like the one her husband wore. J. had given Paulo that ring in 1982, when they were in Norway, saying that he was thereby completing “the Tradition of the Moon, a cycle that was interrupted by fear.” And now, in the middle of the desert – a woman with a brooch of the same design.’

Page 81 / The Valkyries / PAULO COELHO

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Astrological Chart

Birth or Natal Charts are a type of Astrological Chart. They simply show the positions of the planets at the exact moment you arrived into this lifetime.

Birth charts are beneficial for your personal growth. They can open your eyes to many aspects of yourself you never understood or didn’t know even existed.

Ultimately birth charts show us the energetic influences at play with the planets; and even what life lesson(s) you can expect.

If you havent researched your birth chart, what are you waiting for?

Now is the perfect time.

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Astrological Keys – Signs of the Zodiac

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Governing Aspects of Planets Generating Energy of the Cosmos

Sun: birth sign, ego, identity

Moon: emotions, memories, personality

Mercury: communication, intellect, skills

Venus: love, pleasures, the fine arts

Mars: energy, challenges, sports

Jupiter: expansion, religion, happiness

Saturn: responsibility, maturity, realities

Uranus: originality, science, progress

Neptune: dreams, illusions, inspiration

Pluto: rebirth, renewal, resources

Glossary of Aspects

Conjunction: two planets within the same sign or less than 10 degrees apart

Sextile: a pleasent, harmonious aspect occurring when two planets are two signs or 60 degrees apart

Square: a major negative effect resulting when planets are three signs from one another or 90 degrees apart

Trine: planets four signs or 120 degrees apart, forming a positive and favourable influence

Quincunx:  a mildly negative aspect produced when planets are five signs apart or 150 degrees apart

Opposition: a six sign or 180 degrees separation of planets generating positive or negative forces depending on the planets involved