A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA – founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

An excerpt from his book: The Topmost Yoga System. (Page 14).

“As soon as you come to this point of being firmly convinced that you are not this body, that is called the brahma-bhuta stage of Brahman realisation. That is knowledge, real knowledge. Advancement of knowledge for eating, sleeping and mating is animal knowledge. A dog also knows how to eat, how to sleep, how to mate and how to defend. If our education extends only to these points (the dog is eating according to his nature, and we are also eating, but in a nice place, with nicely cooked food on a nice table), that is not advancement. The principle is still eating. Similarly, you may sleep in a very nice apartment in a six-story building or in a 122-story-building, and the dog may lie in a street, but when he sleeps and when you sleep, there is no difference. You cannot know whether you are sleeping in a sky-scraper or on the ground because you are dreaming something which has taken you from your bed. You have forgotten that your body is lying there on the bed, and you are flying in the air, dreaming. Therefore, to improve the sleeping method is not advancement of civilisation. Similarly, the dog has no social custom for mating. Whenever there is a she-dog, he mates on the street. You may mate very silently, in a secret place (although now people are learning how to mate like dogs), but the mating is there. The same principal applies to defending. A dog has teeth and nails with which he can defend himself, and you have atom bombs. But the purpose is defending,that’s all. Therefore, scripture says that human life is not meant only for these principles of life, bodily demands. There is another thing – a human being should be inquisitive to learn what is Absolute Truth. That education is lacking.



There’s more to this than you realize.

You’re part of a project that’s too vast for you to comprehend.

The impulses that guide your life

don’t come from you, but through you –

you’re a channel, not the source.

But the impulses aren’t flowing through you clearly –

you’ve let the channel become obstructed

by your self-doubt and fear.

So the force has been diluted, the message has been distorted,

and the river that should be rushing through you

is a halting, stuttering stream.

But this project is too important to interfere with.

There’s too much at stake to stand in its way –

to be distracted by your own fears and desires

to be afraid of failure or wary of success

to worry about looking foolish or loosing face

to wonder who’s watching you and what they might be thinking

and be discouraged if no one seems to be watching at all

or frustrated if they don’t seem to understand.

It’s enough to do what you’re meant to do

to express what you’re meant to express

without evaluating your effect

or considering results or reactions.

There’s too much at stake for you to become

anything less than you were meant to be,

to leave the smallest part of your potential unfulfilled

or the smallest piece of your message unsaid.

This is the time to be fearless

so that the force can flow through you freely.

This is the time to be empty

so that the source can fill you completely.

This is the time to step aside

and let the project unfold through you.




Breathe – Fully.

See – Deeply.

Listen – Carefully.

For no reason – Smile.

Bake some bread.

Hold a baby.

Listen to fire.

Walk barefoot a little each day.

In the rain, wear no hat and keep your head up.

For five minutes follow the path of an ant.

Grow a plant from a seed.

Make up the words and sing a song.

Let your feet dance as they will.

Occasionally, stand on your head using a wall for support.

Each day be still  in the moment and absorb five different sounds.

Each evening recall one new event that happened to you during the day.

Cry a little.

Laugh a lot.

Walk on.

If you don’t explore, will you discover?

[Picture: Dimitri Milan]

How will you know how strong you are

unless your strength is tested?


How will you know how deep you are

unless turmoil breaks your surface

and forces you to dive?


How will you know what sleeps inside

until the whole of you is challenged to

wake up?


Then you’ll turn inside to gather your resources

your untapped reserves of strength and skill

then rise like a sun, amazed by your own brightness,

stronger than you ever suspected

deeper than you ever dreamed.


PAGE 8 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor


If we have come from ‘Ultimate Bliss’, we are not here to create ‘Ultimate Bliss’ – we are here to experience struggles which help us grow, learn and become a stronger soul; then we are rewarded by transcending back to ‘Ultimate Bliss’ to then wait for our next lessons in life.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy – how boring would that be.




The Key to a Successful Happy Life

Find three hobbies you love…

One to make you money

One to keep you healthy & in shape

One to be creative & expressive

& eat them daily like a lion eats his prey.

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