Recognising Intuitive Messages

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We receive messages from our intuition in so many ways; the key is listening and acting accordingly.

  • Gut feeling
  • Shivers down your back
  • Seeing images flash through your mind
  • Hearing a positive sounding voice with a message
  • Smelling something
  • An Earth Angel (another person) delivers the information to you
  • You find yourself giving advice to someone else and realize that it is exactly the advice you needed to hear
  • Deja Vu
  • A series of unmistakable repeating symbols or signs; like number sequences or feathers

Listening for your purpose.

‘When you are listening to your inner self, following what you hear, seeing with your inner vision, you will see and understand what you have come to do here. When you have these inner knowings you feel secure and trust your own truths. You can disregard old fears and get on with a meaningful life, achieving your purpose.’

‘There are so many different beings with different reasons for being here on this planet. Here are some of them:

  • To evolve and grow in consciousness from experiencing the physicality of this planet.
  • To bring enlightenment to the beings here.
  • To heal the planet by helping people to understand that their negative thoughts bring about their ailments and when they change to harmonious thinking there will be no germs or viruses.
  • To upgrade technology
  • To understand the way the people forget their spirituality and bring them back to being themselves.
  • To see that the Light forces are coming together to bring about healing wherever needed.
  • To bring about changes which affect the life of others through being their love.’