‘Consciousness is defined in two ways:

  • Our state of consciousness when awake, dreaming or deep sleeping.
  • The quality of our character, and our state of spiritual awareness.

There are three aspects of consciousness that need to be appreciated in relation to the quality of our character and our state of spiritual awareness:

  • Our monadic consciousness, which is our supreme consciousness.
  • Our egoic consciousness, which is the consciousness of our individuality, governed by the higher aspect of our ego.
  • Our personality consciousness, limited to the lower aspect of our ego.’




An excerpt from Charles Reither’s book ‘From Religion to Spirituality’:

“Theosophy is simply a composite name given to the body of teachings that stem from the most ancient Indian (Vedas) and Tibetan esoteric teachings that are thousands of years old; and which establish and describe the highest concept of creation to which we give the name of God, for want of a better word; and our relationship to and understanding of that god. And, what we call the truth is simply the highest concept that we can have of the creative process that we human beings, limited by our consciousness, can accommodate at the stage of our spiritual development and evolutionary progress.”

Wishing v Willpower

“When we wish for something, it is a desire generated without energy. The power of life energy is not released. A wish may result in intention; that is, our intention or plan to achieve that result which is desired or wished for. A wish is merely a passive desire to obtain an objective. However, when we use our Will, that is another matter. Using our Will means we will act in accordance with that which is required until we get our wish or desire. Exercising our Will power releases the power of life energy. This is the dynamic way of obtaining our objective.”

(A paraphrase of a quotation from Paramahansa Yogananda – The Law of Success)


“Fohat is the intelligent medium of the divine mind. It is the dynamic energy of cosmic ideation and the guiding power of all manifestation.”

(Pg 20,  Reither. C, From Religion To Spirituality)


“A Spiritual Dimension is best described as an awareness, knowledge and understanding of the purpose and meaning of our lives which reaches beyond the perspective of our five physical senses and our personalities; and beyond orthodox religion.”

“The sole purpose of our existence is to identify with our immortal self instead of our personal self. When we identify with this sole purpose, then, meaning will be seen to underlie all happenings and events in our lives.”

(Pg. 23, Reither. C, From Religion To Spirituality)


Spiritual values supersede material values

Compassion supersedes indifference

Unity supersedes separateness

Loving understanding supersedes hatred and fear

Aspiration supersedes desire

Creative living supersedes sexual desire

Relationship supersedes isolation

Integrity supersedes corruption

Sharing supersedes greed

Freedom supersedes coercion

Conciliation supersedes aggression

Goodwill supersedes self-service

Self-control supersedes self-indulgence

Cooperation supersedes competition

Spiritual values supersede material values

(Source: From Religion To Spirituality, Charles Reither, Pg 24)

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