INDIA: Let’s give to each other.

FOR A SOCIETY that is full of separation due to gender, caste, status and religion, it is quite a relaxed and stress free life here. It does get hard at times, don’t get me wrong, though the happiness and peacefulness somewhat compromise the negative separation between the extremely poor and immensely rich.

I cannot explain the depths of feeling I received seeing homeless women and men with young children, asking for money. A woman with a young baby straddled in old torn blankets asking me to buy her flour, I wish I could buy her the world.

If each person in the world took a moment to stop and help someone less fortunate than themselves, the world would be one step closer to peace. Until then, the competition amongst people and our inner egos interrupt the spiritual connection each human shares with each other.

To make a change in the world, each of us must take one step forward. I ask that today, you take a moment to understand what you could do to help someones life for the better. You will be rewarded just by giving. It’s so simple.