A. C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA – founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

An excerpt from his book: The Topmost Yoga System. (Page 14).

“As soon as you come to this point of being firmly convinced that you are not this body, that is called the brahma-bhuta stage of Brahman realisation. That is knowledge, real knowledge. Advancement of knowledge for eating, sleeping and mating is animal knowledge. A dog also knows how to eat, how to sleep, how to mate and how to defend. If our education extends only to these points (the dog is eating according to his nature, and we are also eating, but in a nice place, with nicely cooked food on a nice table), that is not advancement. The principle is still eating. Similarly, you may sleep in a very nice apartment in a six-story building or in a 122-story-building, and the dog may lie in a street, but when he sleeps and when you sleep, there is no difference. You cannot know whether you are sleeping in a sky-scraper or on the ground because you are dreaming something which has taken you from your bed. You have forgotten that your body is lying there on the bed, and you are flying in the air, dreaming. Therefore, to improve the sleeping method is not advancement of civilisation. Similarly, the dog has no social custom for mating. Whenever there is a she-dog, he mates on the street. You may mate very silently, in a secret place (although now people are learning how to mate like dogs), but the mating is there. The same principal applies to defending. A dog has teeth and nails with which he can defend himself, and you have atom bombs. But the purpose is defending,that’s all. Therefore, scripture says that human life is not meant only for these principles of life, bodily demands. There is another thing – a human being should be inquisitive to learn what is Absolute Truth. That education is lacking.



There’s more to this than you realize.

You’re part of a project that’s too vast for you to comprehend.

The impulses that guide your life

don’t come from you, but through you –

you’re a channel, not the source.

But the impulses aren’t flowing through you clearly –

you’ve let the channel become obstructed

by your self-doubt and fear.

So the force has been diluted, the message has been distorted,

and the river that should be rushing through you

is a halting, stuttering stream.

But this project is too important to interfere with.

There’s too much at stake to stand in its way –

to be distracted by your own fears and desires

to be afraid of failure or wary of success

to worry about looking foolish or loosing face

to wonder who’s watching you and what they might be thinking

and be discouraged if no one seems to be watching at all

or frustrated if they don’t seem to understand.

It’s enough to do what you’re meant to do

to express what you’re meant to express

without evaluating your effect

or considering results or reactions.

There’s too much at stake for you to become

anything less than you were meant to be,

to leave the smallest part of your potential unfulfilled

or the smallest piece of your message unsaid.

This is the time to be fearless

so that the force can flow through you freely.

This is the time to be empty

so that the source can fill you completely.

This is the time to step aside

and let the project unfold through you.




One day you’ll grow fed up with the voice inside your head

with its constant murmurings of discontent

its fearmongering thought of the future

and its questioning of every choice you make.


One day you will turn to it and calmly say, “I refuse to listen”

then stand back and look away

turning your attention to your surroundings

or to a quietness and spaciousness you can sense

inside you, just behind the voice.


The voice is so self-absorbed

that at first it won’t even notice it’s being ignored

and will carry on chattering away to itself.

You’ll still hear its complaints and criticisms

but they won’t convince you anymore –

you’ll doubt them, laugh at them, reject them.


And gradually, without the fuel of your attention,

the voice will become more hesitant

will stumble and slow down, leaving space;

until eventually that self-assertive drawl that demanded to be heard

and seemed to submerge the rest of reality

will be no louder than a whisper, like a gentle breeze

that seems to be part of silence.






Can you be happy with nothing

without looking forward to happiness

without entertainments and activities

to distract you from unhappiness


without projects that excite you

with their promises of success

and that make you feel you’re moving

closer and closer to happiness


without collecting more possessions

or climbing to a higher status

and parading your wealth and prominence

to try and convince others – and yourself –

that you’re happier than them?


If not, then your happiness is always on loan

secondhand and superficial

like a blanket that’s quickly pulled away

leaving you cold and empty craving more.


But you can be happy with nothing.

There’s a happiness that has no cause

that doesn’t come from consuming or collecting

and doesn’t deceive or disappoint or quickly fade:

the well-being pf being itself

that simply is – and is always there.


A deep rich glow of wholeness

a soft subtle energy whose nature is bliss

like a steady flowing river whose source is you.

A well-being you don’t need to chase, only to uncover,

that you don’t need to strive for, only allow.





“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves.” – C.G. Jung


0 – Connection, Manifestation, Eternity

  • Relates to your connection with Universal energy
  • 000 is a powerful reminder to keep open with spirituality – and you are one with the universe – connected in the circle of life with no beginning or end
  • You can manifest what you want in life – just stay positive & follow your intuition
  • Represents eternity through the circle symbolism


1 – 11:11 – Confirmation, New beginnings, Synchronicity

  • 11:11 means spirit is with you – guiding, comforting, protecting you
  • Often you will see 11:11 when you are on the verge of making a big life change or decision
  • Experiencing a lot of synchronicity
  • Spirit guides and angels are near
  • Time to be clear about what you want
  • Focus on manifesting positive things
  • 1 is associated with new beginnings, cycles, success and leadership
  • Going through a time of awakening


2 – 222 – Balance, Positivity, Partnerships

  • Very positive sign to see 222 or 2222
  • Life purpose is associated with 222 or 2222 (if these numbers keep popping up for you it may be a time to reflect upon your Life Purpose)
  • New opportunities
  • Keep positively manifesting
  • Partnerships or pairs, your not alone – spirit guides, passed loved ones and angels are with you


3 – 333 – Angels, Spirit Guides, Triple Trinity

  • Balance the 3 aspects of life – Mind, Body & Spirit
  • 333 is a reminder of the strong presence of angels, spirit guides and ascended masters with you at this time – helping you with your path (if your not sure of your path, they are hear to help you find truth and move forward)


4 – 444 – Security, Strong Foundation, Hard Work

  • Extra strength, grounding and balance
  • Represents four directions: North, South, East, West; Four seasons: Spring Summer Autumn, Winter; Four elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire; Also four phases of the moon – all important aspects – balancing everything out / equal energy in each area
  • Productive and positive sign – all your hard work will pay off
  • 444 triples the energy of number 4 – putting the hard work in and building secure foundations for the future
  • Everything is in balance, your on the right path


5 – 555 – Change, Transformation, New Energy

  • Prepare for new opportunities, transformation and change with 5
  • Repeated 5’s can be a wake-up call to make your realise you need to change something within your life – change is wonderful, with it it brings new energy, new beginnings, new life experiences.
  • Adventure, travel, freedom and movement


6 – 666- Materialism, Imbalance, Re-focusing

  • 666 – life is out of balance – too focused on material things instead of your family or intuition
  • Need to live your spirits – surround yourself with positive energy and positive people
  • Good time to look at what you have been spending your money on. Do you really need these material items or do you just want them?
  • 666 is not negative at all – it’s about compassion and helping other people in the community – shift from material focus to family, friend, community


7 – 777 – Miracles, Luck, Dreams Coming True

  • very lucky and spiritual number
  • 777 wonderful positive sign – your wishes may come true
  • Also encourages you to be creative, to look within yourself and trust your own intuition
  • Time for your to expect miracles / reap the fruits of your labor


8 – 888 – Abundance, Health, Happiness

  • Seeing it repeated is a sign of abundance in your personal life – financial prosperity, good health, happiness and positive relationships
  • 8 is about balance – everything is as it should be
  • In Chinese culture 8 is considered to be very auspicious and lucky – good fortune, good luck
  • 8 is they symbol of infinity – reminder of the eternal nature of things – no beginning, no end
  • 8 is also linked with karma – spiritual law of cause and effect, meaning what ever energy you put out into the world will come back to you


9 – 999 – Endings, New Beginnings, De-cluttering

  • Time for moving forwards rather than stagnation
  • Endings are essential – making way for new beginnings
  • 999 – encouragement to let go of the past to make way for new beginnings
  • Tie up loose ends, completion – legal matters or outstanding debts to finalise


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“The world is reborn every moment

rising out of nothing like a miracle

newly created, fresh, unnamed,

gleaming with strange beauty.


A world without time, untouched by thought,

not yet carved or labeled

or neutered by concepts or categories –

just raw unfiltered is-ness.


It’s only our minds that make the world old

adding on our habits and memories

attaching our stale assumptions –

until time itself is tired

and each day sags with boredom.


But in the rebirth of the world, we’re reborn too –

every moment is a new beginning

an amnesty from the past

a chance to re-create ourselves

to shake ourselves free of limitations

and explore this bright new world.


PAGE 79 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor

[Picture: Maria-Luise Bodirsky sculpture ‘Metamorphose’]