Oracle Readings


Certified Angel Card Reader™ – Angel Therapy

This is not a 10-minute, pick a card and this might be your future thing; this is an extensive spiritual and emotional healing service tailored for each individual. You will be guided through the process and support will be given. The aim for each reading is to work out problems, worries, concerns, doubts and the unknown of your life; to find solutions, empowerment and strength so you can live the life that you are meant for.

Why Angel Therapy?

  • Use the power of your guardian angels and archangels to heal and harmonize all aspects of your life.

  • Angel Therapy gives you a broad layout of what is happening in your life and we can work towards the why of problems and find solutions

Payment for Tarot and Oracle Readings is based on what you feel the service is worth to you. 

If you are interested in a reading, simply fill the form in below to arrange an online or in-person appointment.