Supporting the Primary School of Nakodar


A small primary school for disadvantaged children, with a total amount of 120 students. The school receives funding from the government each year at around 50,000 rupees – equivalent to $1,000 AU – with the school supplying lunch each day for the children you could see how this money gets used up quite quickly.

The school is located in a small village called Nakodar – when translated, Nakodar means ‘land of the honest’.

On my first visit to the school, I was able to donate stationary supplies for each child. Something so little, yet an immense impact for each of the students.


120 schoolbags !!

CLICK HERE to view our Go Fund Me campaign.

Help Bourne raise funds for the children at Nakodar Primary School.

Why should we support these children you ask?
The Primary school of Nakodar is specifically running for the less fortunate in the community. Giving children from poor families the chance to attend school and break the cycle of following their parents as beggars, essentially giving innocent souls a chance.

How do we know they will use the money correctly?
India is a very corrupt country, that is true. I myself would not send money overseas to a person I wasn’t sure would use the money as intended. However, I have developed a trusting relationship with the principal of the school and instead of sending cheques of money I prefer to purchase the goods and physically give them to each of the children. This cuts out the concern and worry we all have when donating money to foreign causes and we are able to see first hand the changes and happiness these simple acts of kindness bring to the children.


Any thoughts sparked? Comment below.

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