'Toning is the simple and natural process of making vocal sounds for the purpose of balance. Everyone practices toning. When tired, we tone ourselves with a yawning sound. When in pain we tone ourselves with a scream or perhaps a moan. Sadness is expressed through the toning sound of crying and happiness is expressed through … Continue reading TONING


'When the mind becomes attuned, it becomes more capable of hearing the voice of the unknown. The sounds which are heard in such a state do not belong to any particular language, religion or tradition.' Swami Rama


'The deepest level of listening is silence. The center of all sound is silence. All sounds rise from and lead back to silence. Listening is the art of discovering silence. Silence is the key to the many adventures the world of sound has to offer. Through silence we are truly safe and free. We know … Continue reading SILENCE


'To begin understanding this level, imagine different environments. For example, Alaska is cold and windy. The Sahara desert is hot and dry. The rain forests of the Amazon are hot, humid and wet. The natural elements in these environments mix in different ways to create realities within which people live. Their customs, dress, thoughts, and … Continue reading ELEMENT LISTENING

MUSIC REALITIES: Do you reflect the music you listen to?

An excerpt from the book Music & Sound in the Healing Arts written by John Beaulieu. "Music has the power to bypass our conscious focus of attention. We can actually become the music. And conversely, we are what we listen to. It is not that difficult to recognize people by the type of music they … Continue reading MUSIC REALITIES: Do you reflect the music you listen to?