“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves.” – C.G. Jung


0 – Connection, Manifestation, Eternity

  • Relates to your connection with Universal energy
  • 000 is a powerful reminder to keep open with spirituality – and you are one with the universe – connected in the circle of life with no beginning or end
  • You can manifest what you want in life – just stay positive & follow your intuition
  • Represents eternity through the circle symbolism


1 – 11:11 – Confirmation, New beginnings, Synchronicity

  • 11:11 means spirit is with you – guiding, comforting, protecting you
  • Often you will see 11:11 when you are on the verge of making a big life change or decision
  • Experiencing a lot of synchronicity
  • Spirit guides and angels are near
  • Time to be clear about what you want
  • Focus on manifesting positive things
  • 1 is associated with new beginnings, cycles, success and leadership
  • Going through a time of awakening


2 – 222 – Balance, Positivity, Partnerships

  • Very positive sign to see 222 or 2222
  • Life purpose is associated with 222 or 2222 (if these numbers keep popping up for you it may be a time to reflect upon your Life Purpose)
  • New opportunities
  • Keep positively manifesting
  • Partnerships or pairs, your not alone – spirit guides, passed loved ones and angels are with you


3 – 333 – Angels, Spirit Guides, Triple Trinity

  • Balance the 3 aspects of life – Mind, Body & Spirit
  • 333 is a reminder of the strong presence of angels, spirit guides and ascended masters with you at this time – helping you with your path (if your not sure of your path, they are hear to help you find truth and move forward)


4 – 444 – Security, Strong Foundation, Hard Work

  • Extra strength, grounding and balance
  • Represents four directions: North, South, East, West; Four seasons: Spring Summer Autumn, Winter; Four elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire; Also four phases of the moon – all important aspects – balancing everything out / equal energy in each area
  • Productive and positive sign – all your hard work will pay off
  • 444 triples the energy of number 4 – putting the hard work in and building secure foundations for the future
  • Everything is in balance, your on the right path


5 – 555 – Change, Transformation, New Energy

  • Prepare for new opportunities, transformation and change with 5
  • Repeated 5’s can be a wake-up call to make your realise you need to change something within your life – change is wonderful, with it it brings new energy, new beginnings, new life experiences.
  • Adventure, travel, freedom and movement


6 – 666- Materialism, Imbalance, Re-focusing

  • 666 – life is out of balance – too focused on material things instead of your family or intuition
  • Need to live your spirits – surround yourself with positive energy and positive people
  • Good time to look at what you have been spending your money on. Do you really need these material items or do you just want them?
  • 666 is not negative at all – it’s about compassion and helping other people in the community – shift from material focus to family, friend, community


7 – 777 – Miracles, Luck, Dreams Coming True

  • very lucky and spiritual number
  • 777 wonderful positive sign – your wishes may come true
  • Also encourages you to be creative, to look within yourself and trust your own intuition
  • Time for your to expect miracles / reap the fruits of your labor


8 – 888 – Abundance, Health, Happiness

  • Seeing it repeated is a sign of abundance in your personal life – financial prosperity, good health, happiness and positive relationships
  • 8 is about balance – everything is as it should be
  • In Chinese culture 8 is considered to be very auspicious and lucky – good fortune, good luck
  • 8 is they symbol of infinity – reminder of the eternal nature of things – no beginning, no end
  • 8 is also linked with karma – spiritual law of cause and effect, meaning what ever energy you put out into the world will come back to you


9 – 999 – Endings, New Beginnings, De-cluttering

  • Time for moving forwards rather than stagnation
  • Endings are essential – making way for new beginnings
  • 999 – encouragement to let go of the past to make way for new beginnings
  • Tie up loose ends, completion – legal matters or outstanding debts to finalise


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