KRYON: The State of the Earth

‘At this point, humans are as tiny molecules on a giant magnet, a magnet which is able to move things with enormous force if called on, but humans are only able to see far enough to dig tiny holes in the surface and suck out minuscule pieces of iron to burn for heat and power. You are like ants on a generator, wishing for electricity. The forest has eluded you, while you concentrate on consuming one leaf for fuel.’

  KRYON: The End Times – BOOK ONE  / PAGE 14 – Copyright 1993 

Kryon is a loving peaceful entity who brings messages of love and hope to humanity.

A 13 book series of direct channellings. Book One was first published in 1993 and is most definitely still relevant to this day. The words channeled through to Lee Carroll – who was a Californian Businessman until he connected with Kryon – are engulfed with a gentle, loving nature that is out of this world… literally.
A must-read for any curious soul.