Let’s Invite Each Other Higher

'I often try to imagine a world where we are not in competition with our fellow humans, but where we truly, madly, deeply soulebrate when others actualize their dreams. Imagine that. A world where we get excited for each other when we achieve - where we do not see another's accomplishments as a reminder of what we … Continue reading Let’s Invite Each Other Higher

SACRED PURPOSE: Helping fellow Humans.

'I consider it a high honor when I am asked to help a fellow human to stay afloat during a difficult time. To be granted the opportunity to gift back to humanity is no small thing. Our sacred purpose often has a relational quality to it. Conceived in union, expressed through union, dying to union with … Continue reading SACRED PURPOSE: Helping fellow Humans.

Beginnings: What Have You Got To Loose?

'Sometimes people avoid the beginnings because they want to avoid the endings. This is particularly true if we have negative associations with happiness. If we have had the carpet pulled out from under us at moments of great vulnerability, we may prefer to avoid life altogether. But what is life without beginnings? Sure it may … Continue reading Beginnings: What Have You Got To Loose?

INDIA: Let’s give to each other.

FOR A SOCIETY that is full of separation due to gender, caste, status and religion, it is quite a relaxed and stress free life here. It does get hard at times, don't get me wrong, though the happiness and peacefulness somewhat compromise the negative separation between the extremely poor and immensely rich. I cannot explain … Continue reading INDIA: Let’s give to each other.