“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves.” – C.G. Jung


Clairaudience – Hearing, Thinking, Knowing

  • Messages from spirit as sound, voice or noise with your physical ears – or you may hear it clairaudiently as a voice in your mind
  • Hearing or having a thought
  • These messages are real and do come in different ways from spirit


Clairvoyance – Seeing, Feeling, Sensing

  • When you see spirits, shapes and forms with your own eyes or even third eye (inner mind)
  • Clairvoyant message are very common – you may see a sign or symbol you need to focus on – a number, a word, a person or even animal spirit that you need to pay attention to


Clouds – Images, Symbols, Messages

  • Cloud gazing can bring upon messages from spirit – what do the cloud shapes mean to you?
  • Give you information on what you need to focus on or what is to come for you on the future


Dreams – Spirit Visitation

  • Everyone dreams, you may or may not remember when you wake up however
  • A spirit dream can have you feel and remember the dream for months or even years
  • You may have been visited by a passed loved one or animal / spirit guide
  • The energy of the dream is important – passed loved ones or spirit guides are trying to get through to you – you may be so busy during the day that the only time they can get through to you is in your sleep


Dream Symbols – Messages, Information, Higher Self

  • Paying attention to dreams will help you gain insight that is specifically designed to help you progress in your life
  • Important to look at all aspects of the dream – who is in the dream? What is happening in the dream? What emotions are associated with it? Where is the dream taking place? Any significant animals or objects in the dream?
  • Books and websites can offer deeper meanings into specific dreams – find the meaning that best resonates with you.


Feathers – Angels, You’re not alone, Confirmation

  • A common sign from you angels and passed loved ones
  • Sometimes the feather is sent to you just to confirm that you are not alone and your on the right track
  • Try and pay attention when you see a single feather and thank your angels, spirit guides and passed loved ones
  • Feathers come in all different shapes and colours – white feathers represent Angels; coloured or black and white feathers can be from spirit guides


Flowers / Plants – Anniversaries, Birthdays, Passed loved ones

  • May find a flower unexpectedly in front of you on the footpath, reminding you of your favourite person or passed loved one
  • A dead flower bush / fruit trees / vegetable patches magically begin to grow again, even in the opposite season to which it normally grows – a sign from spirit / passed loved one


Orbs – Special events, Sacred sites, Spiritual areas

  • Circles of light that appear unexpectedly in photos – orbs are captured more frequently as photo resolution of images increases
  • Orbs are a sign from spirit and passed loved ones – letting you know they are with you
  • They can also be seen floating around in photos of sacred sites / places of significance


Physical Body Signs – Sensing, Awareness, Confirmation

  • These signs are to make you pay attention or to confirm what you are sensing
  • You may feel icy cold in a particular warm room – it is a sign spirit is with you
  • So many physical sensations you can feel that are unexplainable
  • These signs are particularly strong because it is a physical manifestation of a sign that proves to you that something out of the ordinary is happening
  • You cannot make yourself feel these signs – they are beyond our control – which is why they feel especially powerful.


Predictive Dreams / Premonitions – Warning, Look deeper, Information provided

  • Spirit can alert you to something or grab your attention
  • Hard to predict a predictive dream until something from the dream manifests in reality
  • Try and identify any information they may be offering you about your future – could be as simple as a holiday or your dream could be showing you a health concern


Rainbows – New beginnings, Good luck, Positivity

  • A sign to look on the bright side of life
  • Take time to look at rainbows as it allows you to appreciate what is around you and to be grateful for everything in your life
  • Rainbows bring in positive change – new career opportunity, new beginnings


Shooting Stars – Wish come true, Dreams, Destiny

  • Fulfilment of a wish, dreams coming true and even reaching an important part of your destiny
  • positive new changes ahead – a kind of rebirth


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“We are Earth people on a Spiritual Journey to the stars. Our quest, our Earth walk, is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that there is no seperation, only in the mind.”