There’s more to this than you realize.

You’re part of a project that’s too vast for you to comprehend.

The impulses that guide your life

don’t come from you, but through you –

you’re a channel, not the source.

But the impulses aren’t flowing through you clearly –

you’ve let the channel become obstructed

by your self-doubt and fear.

So the force has been diluted, the message has been distorted,

and the river that should be rushing through you

is a halting, stuttering stream.

But this project is too important to interfere with.

There’s too much at stake to stand in its way –

to be distracted by your own fears and desires

to be afraid of failure or wary of success

to worry about looking foolish or loosing face

to wonder who’s watching you and what they might be thinking

and be discouraged if no one seems to be watching at all

or frustrated if they don’t seem to understand.

It’s enough to do what you’re meant to do

to express what you’re meant to express

without evaluating your effect

or considering results or reactions.

There’s too much at stake for you to become

anything less than you were meant to be,

to leave the smallest part of your potential unfulfilled

or the smallest piece of your message unsaid.

This is the time to be fearless

so that the force can flow through you freely.

This is the time to be empty

so that the source can fill you completely.

This is the time to step aside

and let the project unfold through you.




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