When you sense there’s something more

when the life that used to satisfy you no longer seems enough

and security seems suffocating and pleasures loose there taste

when dreams of success don’t motivate you anymore

and diversions don’t seem to divert you

when familiarity seems oppressive, like a coat that’s too old and tight,

and every repetition of the old routine

makes you feel more stale and weary.


When you find yourself aching

with a sadness that doesn’t seem to have a source

with a hunger that seems too subtle to satisfy

when strange energies are pulsing through you

like the tremors of an earthquake deep down inside

and you can feel the ground shifting

and are afraid of loosing balance

and you ask yourself. “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be happy anymore?”


Have no fear – there’s nothing wrong with you.

This isn’t anxiety or depression,

it’s divine dissatisfaction.

You’re not breaking down but breaking through.


This is your awakening

the tearing of the veil

the opening of your soul.

Your real self is emerging, slowly, painfully,

through the hard skin of your chrysalis.


The old world is receding behind you

and you’re waiting at the threshold of the new, disorientated,

wondering how to make sense of this strange place.

But as long as you have the courage to move forward

a guide will appear and your path will form before you

and a glorious adventure will begin.


And soon the lushness of this landscape won’t startle you anymore

soon the brilliance of this sun won’t dazzle you

soon the vastness of this space won’t feel overwhelming

and the magic and meaning of this new world will embrace you.







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