At first you were no one

a primal soul, an open space of being,

until they discovered you in the wilderness.


They took you to the city to civilize you

to build you an identity.

They taught you their signs and signals

gave you a religion and a nationality

and handed you a list of rules.

They showed you their ancient traditions

and told you it was your duty to maintain them.

They gave you a history and a destiny,

made you a character in their story.


They pointed out your brothers and sisters

told you that you were different and special

taught you to feel proud and loyal

and to be wary of those

with different rules and traditions

and different sign and signals

whose lives are less precious than yours.


And finally they were satisfied

that you belonged to them completely.

But it’s not true – sometimes you feel it deep down inside

like the whisper of a faraway voice carried by the wind;

a faint memory of your primal state, and a longing to return.

You know the original open space of you is still there

underneath all those layers of identity –

indestructible, unchangeable.


And maybe now you’re strong enough to reclaim yourself

maybe you’re mature enough to become a child again.


So step out of the story –

exempt yourself from those ancient rules

cast off those traditions

declare yourself free of the past and the future

with your own journey to discover

and your own reality to create.


Tell your people you’re still one of them

just a member of a bigger group that they’re all part of too –

a group with no rules or boundaries

that embraces without exclusion.


Tell your people there’s too much at stake

for the human race to remain fragmented –

our broken pieces have already scarred the world too much.


Tell your people that you have new eyes

that can see the deep of the ocean of oneness

beneath the shifting surface waves.


Then walk back into the wilderness, naked and empty again,

and dance with primal joy.







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