“The world is reborn every moment

rising out of nothing like a miracle

newly created, fresh, unnamed,

gleaming with strange beauty.


A world without time, untouched by thought,

not yet carved or labeled

or neutered by concepts or categories –

just raw unfiltered is-ness.


It’s only our minds that make the world old

adding on our habits and memories

attaching our stale assumptions –

until time itself is tired

and each day sags with boredom.


But in the rebirth of the world, we’re reborn too –

every moment is a new beginning

an amnesty from the past

a chance to re-create ourselves

to shake ourselves free of limitations

and explore this bright new world.


PAGE 79 / The Calm Center / Steve Taylor

[Picture: Maria-Luise Bodirsky sculpture ‘Metamorphose’]





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