“It all depends on how we look at things, and not on how they are themselves.” – C.G. Jung

Birds – Messages, Communications, Spirit Signs

  • Sign from spirit – take note if they appear on a special day, date or time
  • Pay attention to the number of birds around you and what they are doing – two birds nesting together sign of positive energy in your relationship and home – two birds fighting can be a sign of an argument around you

Different birds bring different messages to us as well:

Crow – Warning, Be alert, Adapt

  • A crow trying to get your attention is a sign a change is coming – change is not negative it is essential to continue growing
  • Need to use your intuition more
  • Think outside the box or adapt to a new situation in your life and move forwards
  • Shamans use crow medicine as a symbol of magic and clairvoyance
  • Start trusting your gut instincts / intuition
  • In some cultures crows symbolise someone watching over you
  • They can give you a warning – crows are very wary birds – always on the lookout for danger

Eagle – Higher Perspective, Right Path, Connection

  • Soar high in the sky, Eagles have a higher perspective, they ask you to take a look at issues in your life from their viewpoint
  • Eagles connect to heaven and earth – messenger that takes your thoughts and prayers to the spirit world
  • We need to fly high, but remain grounded with earth
  • If an Eagle flys in front of you it is a sign you are on the right path
  • If an Eagle soars above you in the sky it is a sign to remind you that you are not alone – encouragement to reach higher and extend yourself – no limits

Owls – Magic, Clairvoyance, Wisdom

  • If an owl visits you it is a very positive sign
  • The owl is a strong protector – in Native American tribes owl feathers are used to keep away evil spirits
  • Owls represent wisdom, teaching, protection, prophecy and intuition
  • Owls can also symbolise death – not physically dieing but the end of a situation, bringing forward new situations, beginnings and transition – focus on moving forward
  • An owl can be a warning – you may need to stop, watch and listen – keep details to yourself – take time to observe what is happening around you – meditate and connect with your intuition


Butterfly – Spirit, Transformation, Going within

  • Seeing a butterfly in an unexpected place is a wonderful feeling – a sign from a past loved one, they are with you, happy and at peace
  • Change, new beginnings and transformation- if a butterfly comes close to you or follows you around, it could be a sign change is needed in your life
  • Need to go within – nurture yourself while going through change like a caterpillar – when your ready you will emerge as a beautiful butterfly


Dragonfly – Flexibility, Beauty, Strength

  • They appear out of nowhere then flitter off to another place
  • Out of the ordinary
  • Message is similar to the butterfly – transformation in life and flexibility
  • Passed loved ones are with you
  • You can break free from any self-doubt or self-limiting ideas
  • Sign to let your true self come out and shine in full colour
  • Need for balance in the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical aspects of your life
  • May need to centre and ground yourself before venturing off to the next phase of your life


Frogs – Rebirth, Fertility, Good luck

  • Frogs are an important sign because it is so rare for them to be in your path often due to their skin being super sensitive to chemicals and sunlight
  • Sign to have a look at which area of your life is undergoing  a transition – can signify new beginnings and rebirth
  • Sign of abundance and fertility due to their prolific egg laying
  • In Japan frogs are considered lucky for travellers – common to give someone who is travelling a small frog token for good luck on their journey
  • Also putting a small frog token in your wallet or purse can keep money from being lost
  • Frogs are also a sign rain is coming – they can croak up to 24hrs before a lot of wet weather sets in


Pets – Instinct, Loyalty, Telepathy

  • Naturally instinctive and can see and sense spirits
  • Pets are great healers
  • The pet and the owner are significantly connected on a spiritual and emotional level
  • Pets can also help you to sense a loved one in spirit that is present with you


Snakes – Fertility, Life Force, Healing

  • A very powerful sign – not to be feared
  • Snakes represent healing – caduceus symbol of two snakes wrapped around a staff is a symbol for doctors and physicians in many western countries
  • Snakes shed skin – seeing a snake can mean you need to move out of your comfort zone – leave the past behind
  • Be gentle and take your time when sheding the old energy – everything takes time
  • Snake is a symbol of the kundalini/life force energy


Spider / spider web – Focus, Create, Past and future

  • Strong sign from spirit
  • Represents feminine and creative energy in many cultures
  • Spiders are said to create and weave the past and the future – highlights the need for you to create your own destiny
  • A web may be placed in your pathway – time to stop and think of where you are going and what you need to focus on – slow down, take your time and focus on the next step to take


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