When the final call shouts, “EXPRESS TO JAIPUR”, and you are still running down the stairs to the platform with your luggage, you loose all focus of your surroundings. Weaving in and out of people, the train is still out of reach. The breaks on the wheels slowly release, and the air is filled with a screeching that lets you know, time is of the essence. It’s now or never.

As I reach near the train, it has already started to move. I throw on my luggage to the unknown abyss of the carriage, one more step and everything is secure. Gripping on to the handles of a moving train, pulling all my energy together and taking the leap from the platform. My mind is exhilarated, impulsed and alive.

I am still for a moment, eyes closed, I catch my breath; everything is fine, I’ve made it.

I’m here for the long haul. The next 12 or so hours will now be filled with a journey that is one of a kind. A train ride in India can be just as an enlightening as one of the many temples that dress the streets. The voices of the salesmen walking through the train remind you that you are just another consumer, the passengers by your side remind you that it is always of paramount to have common decency and manners, and the people you are with remind you why you are here and what it is your doing.

The many people passing through the train corridors, each with a different sense of struggle surrounding them. Seeing eyes light up as bright as the sun, just from giving a simple smile, energises me, it keeps me more happier and aware than any of the recipients.

The train releases it’s horn. Proving it’s mighty power and thrust that it carries. Approaching the platform, where I will soon step afoot. I gather my thoughts and leave the negative behind; I replace them with the experiences from the last 12 or so hours and carry on.

What my curious eyes see next will be a whole new world for me to explore.

“Welcome to Jaipur”.

[Thoughts from my trip in India.] 


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