Governing Aspects of Planets Generating Energy of the Cosmos

Sun: birth sign, ego, identity

Moon: emotions, memories, personality

Mercury: communication, intellect, skills

Venus: love, pleasures, the fine arts

Mars: energy, challenges, sports

Jupiter: expansion, religion, happiness

Saturn: responsibility, maturity, realities

Uranus: originality, science, progress

Neptune: dreams, illusions, inspiration

Pluto: rebirth, renewal, resources

Glossary of Aspects

Conjunction: two planets within the same sign or less than 10 degrees apart

Sextile: a pleasent, harmonious aspect occurring when two planets are two signs or 60 degrees apart

Square: a major negative effect resulting when planets are three signs from one another or 90 degrees apart

Trine: planets four signs or 120 degrees apart, forming a positive and favourable influence

Quincunx:  a mildly negative aspect produced when planets are five signs apart or 150 degrees apart

Opposition: a six sign or 180 degrees separation of planets generating positive or negative forces depending on the planets involved



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