AVICENNA – a Persian Islamic Philosopher

Born: 980 – Died: 1037

Avicenna is a Persian islamic philosopher. 

avicennaStrongly regarded for his text ‘The cannon of medicine’ (‘al-Qanun fi at-tibb’) and ‘Book of healing’ (‘Kitab ash-shifa’).

By age 10 Avicenna memorised the koran and by 21 he had accomplished intellectual standards in medicine, mathematics, music, astronomy and logic.

“He stressed the importance of gaining knowledge. He believed that through reason it was possible for an individual to progress through various levels of understanding and eventually reach the truth about God, the ultimate object of knowledge. Avicenna held that God, the originator of existence, is pure intellect.” (Pg 23 – 24, Stokes. P, Philosophy, 2007).


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